Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mrs. 12 Proved that the Lancet Study was indeed 172-96

According to Martin Walker, the editors and censors at Age of Autism and the parents of the Lancet children, parents were not allowed to testify at the GMC disciplinary hearing against the three doctors.

That's not true.The mother of child 12 was called to testify by Sally Smith, QC prosecutor for the GMC.  Like all of the parents, with the exception of the father of child 11, at the time of the GMC hearing, she had no problems with the doctors or the procedures her son underwent.

The testimony and documents of Mrs. 12 proved that the research project 172-96 was carried out on her child before ethical committee approval and that The Lancet paper was 172-96.   

Ms. Smith opening submissions Day3 Page 3

The testimony and documents of Mrs. 12 demonstrated that The Lancet children were indeed undergoing the procedures of project 172-96 without the needed ethics committee approval. The lawyer, Mr. Barr, even sent the protocol to Mrs. 12 

Title Page for Day 28

Day 28 page 5 Mrs. 12 testimony

She first thought of a link between vaccines  and her son's problem at a meeting with the mother of children 6 and 7.

 Day 28 page 8

Mrs. 12 requested and was sent a copy of the Proposed Clinical and Scientific Study 
Day28 page 16 and 17

Only Mr. Miller who represented Professor Walker-Smith asked questions
Day 28 41-42

 And here is 172-96 from


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